A fresh beginning

Yesterday when I was recovering from my introvert hangover (more on that later), I decided to have a look at my blog; Oh my goodness, what a mess it was! I’m surprised I still had followers (thank you all who have stuck around). The thing is I thought I’d cheat and use IFTTT to automatically post my Instagram posts here. I know how lazy of me, feel free to give me a slap on the wrist (in your mind that is!). I realised that if people wanted to look at my photographs, they would check out my Instagram (hint hint) and so I’m reverting my website to being an actual blog about me and my life.

An Introvert at a Conference

It’s November (I love pointing out the obvious), it’s cold, wet, windy and dark in the mornings and even darker in the evening. Nothing fills me with more dread than leaving the comfort of my cosy and warm bed than going to a conference which is 3 hours away, but this was the case. I, like most introverts, hate conferences, just the word ‘networking’ has me rushing to the nearest exit. The small talk, oh the small talk, it grinds on me like nails on a chalkboard, trying to talk to me about mundane stuff like the weather or the journey is like pulling teeth “Yes it’s cold Debora, the journey was fine, thanks.” An in-depth conversation about marketing strategies and tactics and social media algorithms, on the other hand, will light me up like a Christmas tree.

At the conference I was asked to speak in front of everyone, thankfully there were only about 30 odd people there, and my presentation was short. Still, it was my first time presenting to an audience I had never met before, and as an introvert, it was painful. When my spot came, I was like a train, my short presentation was even more concise, my voice was as shaky as blancmange (yes I had to Google how to spell that), and I think the audience was stunned, like what just happened?! But at least I remembered to say everything I wanted, even if it was on fast forward (every cloud and all that).

My manager assured me that my presentation went okay, but I still didn’t feel good enough. The rest of the day passed in a blur, and my introversion (is that even a word?!) consumed me. My head was pounding, and my desire to communicate with anyone had hit sub-zero. I was experiencing the introvert hangover (check out this article to learn more about it). I went home, jumped into the shower and permitted myself to disconnect with the world. So much so that when I went to make my evening meal, I turned the oven on (as you do) and half an hour later, thinking food would be ready, went back to the oven only to discover I hadn’t put my food in the oven to cook in the first place!

A binge-watch of Season 3 of The Crown and early night left me waking up the next morning all refreshed, introvert hangover gone! I had a new perspective, so what if it didn’t go as well as I’d hoped, I doubt anyone from the conference will remember my presentation come tomorrow. I’ll learn from the experience, do better next time because I’ll be damned if this little hiccup in the grand scheme of things makes me doubt my skills as a marketer.

So fellow introverts, remember to give yourself some alone time to recover from social occasions. Say no to evening events and breakfast meetings if it’s not mandatory because having that alone time to recharge is far more important (something I’m learning to do). Don’t dwell if things don’t go as well as you’d hoped and don’t be afraid of going out of your comfort zone, because my goodness, presenting is well out of my comfort zone, but would I do it again? I would because, as grandad once said, “If at first, you don’t succeed, try and try again”.


2 thoughts on “A fresh beginning

    1. Thank you Adrian, you’re too kind 😊
      Trust me, I find it a lot easier to make workout videos than meeting and mingling. Probably because I’m in my safe haven when I’m working out 😅 x

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