A No Buy Year

With the new year upon us, we often think about New Year’s resolutions which half the time we don’t stick to (I had so many last year that ended up being forgotten!), but this year I want to try something that will benefit not only the planet but also my bank balance. I’m going to try and do a No Buy Year meaning that I won’t be going on weekend shopping trips to buy new clothes that I probably won’t wear very often, nor shoes that I don’t need or accessories that won’t be used. In simple terms, I won’t be buying anything that isn’t necessary.

Why I’m doing a No Buy Year

The idea started when YouTubes random algorithm thought that it would be interested in Cinzia Dubois’ video about her quitting shopping for a year, and YouTube would be right! (Although YouTubehave got it wrong on so many occasions, no YouTube I don’t want to see a cat giving birth!)

Much of what Cinzia said made so much sense, we spend so much on stuff we don’t need thanks to mass consumerism and fast-moving trends and then chuck these items out once they’re no longer trendy (the onesie comes to mind!). We follow celebrities and buy their make-up or clothing they’re promoting in the hope to look like them (but usually end up looking like you’re wearing a bin bag). It’s all just smart marketing tactics, we get drawn in by bright sparkly offers which sound good, but it’s making you part with even more of your hard-earned cash.

I’m hoping that by doing a No Buy Year, I can learn to appreciate what I have rather than wanting to buy more stuff which I probably can’t afford. Talking of money I’m also hoping to save a bit of cash by not spending needlessly and save time by not shopping (either physically or online), so I’ll have more minutes to my days/weeks/months for other more productive things.

Another reason I’m doing this is to help the planets wasteline, that is reducing the amount of rubbish we chuck out that ends up in landfill – save my pocket, save my planet, it’s a win-win!

The Rules

Anyone who does a No Buy Year can set their own rules; they can make it as hard as they like or as easy as they want, it’s a personal journey, so it’s up to the participant to decide on what rules they abide by so there will be no “No Buy Police” making sure you comply with the rules. So here are my rules:

  1. No buying unnecessary clothing, shoes or accessories, apart from underwear. I weight train and therefore get booty gains aka a bigger booty, and I’m not going to spend the next year wearing lingerie that doesn’t fit (ain’t no one want to go around with chaffing or wedgies!)
  2. No buying of decorations or soft furnishings for the house (I have so many blankets it isn’t a joke anymore!)
  3. No buying gym equipment unless it is replace excising equipment (For example, if my resistance bands snap, I will replace them)
  4. Only buy new products when the old ones run out (or should I say are nearly running out, e.g. shampoo, shower gel, cleaning products etc.)
  5. Only buy my daily makeup when the existing makeup products are running low (I only wear foundation, mascara and lip balm – this girl like to keep it simple)
  6. Try and buy more sustainable products as replacements (swapping hand wash that are in plastic pumps to bars of soap, using hankies instead of tissues, using silicone sandwich bags instead of single-use plastic ones etc.)
  7. Try and fix as many items as I can (if I have holes in my tops or trousers I’ll try and fix them or use the material to make something else)

These are my rules for 2020, things that are excluded from my No Buy Year is of course food, (this girl has got to eat!), gift-giving for birthdays, Christmas etc. (I tend to ask the recipient what they want as a gift so they get what they want and will use rather than buying them something they won’t use and chuck away), and books (I love reading so won’t be giving them up, but most of them are ebooks anyway).

So this is my New Years Resolution, let me know if you have one or whether you’ll be doing something similar to a No Buy Year in 2020.

Happy New Year everyone